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BAFX Products Decibel Meter/Sound Level Battery
Automatic backlit display
Super easy and simple to use
Our sound meters are designed with the general consumer in mind
RISEPRO Decibel Meter
Useful tool in your work & life
Wide ranges & accurate measurement
Time weighting & frequency weighting
Tacklife Sound Level Meter
Min/Max/Hold Function
Accurate Measurement
LED Backlight Display

Best decibel meter

You buy a decibel meter when you are concerned about the level of sound from your surroundings. Whether you need it for work or other purposes, it always comes in handy to have one. It is a small and convenient tool that will allow you to precisely determine how loud a particular environment is. While ordinary people do not require it, people who work in noisy environments need it. I do not know if you are aware of this, but loud noises can lead to hearing loss, and that is an irreversible effect of long-term loudness.

What is a decibel meter?

The decibel meter is also called a noise dosimeter, decibel reader, or noise level meter. What it does is measure the intensity of sound in decibels (dB). It will show you how loud or soft the noise is in a particular environment. Just for curiosity, if you measure the levels of decibels of a normal conversation, the device will show about 50 dB. However, a rock concert will make a 100 dB noise, which you may think that is double as the conversation, but you would be wrong. That is not how decibels work, but that is a lesson for another time. The point is that in certain circumstances, the best decibel meter may prove to be a very useful tool.

So why buy a noise decibel meter?

Apparently, any doctor can tell you that if you are exposed for too long in an environment that shows over 85 dB, you can suffer from hearing damage. Have you ever wondered why people in the music industry use sound level meters when they set up and adjust music equipment? Well, that is why.

Apart from the music industry, decibel meters are also used in other work environments, where loud noises are not something out of the ordinary. The purpose of this small device is to prevent hearing loss among workers. For example, a jackhammer makes a noise of 100 dB. Firecrackers are as high as 140 dB, which is why the people handling them need to protect themselves against hearing impairment. They use all means necessary to do so, like earplugs or noise canceling headphones.

The benefits of a decibel meter in the music industry

While there are other circumstances where a sound decibel meter is used, the music industry is the most common. That is because this small device presents multiple benefits. Here are the most notable:

  • You can record your average volume – if you like to mix, then you should mark your sound levels on a week-to-week basis. That way, if you get complaints (too loud or too low), you can check the measurements from previous days.
  • You can improve your audience’s response – like any other musician, you want to satisfy your audience. You can try and mix a song louder and then reduce the sound. See what the response is and adjust accordingly. When your audience is enjoying itself, you can record that particular level of decibels and take it from there.
  • Measure the room – even coverage is an important aspect, and we all know that sounds do not sound the same in every corner of the room. You can use a noise generator and test the place. You can read all the spots so that all of your audience can make the best of your performance. You can improve the acoustics and adjust the speaker direction.
  • You can learn more about your own sound levels from hearing others – if you plan on playing in a venue soon, you can take the sound decibel meter and measure other performers’ sound level. That way, when you play, you will know exactly how loud or low you need to be in order to perform at your best.

What to consider when buying the best decibel meter

If you do decide to buy a decibel meter, then you must know how to make the right choice. The issue is that you will find hundreds of models online. However, buying the first one you see may not be the best idea. You need to filter your findings a bit. In order to do that, you need a set of criteria, which I am more than happy to share with you. With that being said, here is what you need to consider before making a purchase.

  • Measurement range – not all decibel meters have the same measuring capabilities. Some of them can detect from 30 to 130 dB. Yet, there are devices that can measure a lot more than that. It depends on what you need the decibel meter for. If you know that the sounds you need to measure are over 130 dB, you should go for a device that has a broader measurement range.
  • Environment – you should keep in mind that not all decibel meters work at their best in all environments. Some of them are designed to work better indoors, and as a result, they may not work just as well outside. If you look at the specifications before you buy a particular product, you should e able to get a hold of that information.
  • Handheld vs. pluggable – there are two kinds of decibel meters. First, there is the handheld one, a small device that has a microphone with which it analyzes the surrounding sounds. They are pretty cheap, but they get the job done. On the other hand, there are pluggable decibel meters that you need to plug in an audio device. Some professionals prefer the latter kind because it does a better job of analyzing the sound of audio equipment. However, they are more expensive than the handheld counterparts.
  • Power supply – most of the decibel meters work on 9V batteries, but you must look for a product that has a long battery span. Anything from 30 hours up is more than sufficient. Of course, if there were some features that improve battery life, like auto shut-off, you would have to change the battery a lot less. Read the specifications for the product, and you will see.
  • Accuracy – if you buy a decibel meter, you want it to be as accurate as possible. There is always a margin of error, but my recommendation is to choose a device that has a margin of error no more than -/+ 1.5 dB.
  • Response time – the best decibel meters will always have a fast response time, but not all of them are alike. Some of them are as fast as 125 ms, but when you want a better accuracy, it can take up to one second. Either way, these devices are pretty fast, so there is no waiting time.

What are the best decibel meters?

Now that you know what to look for, you can move on and make a purchase. However, make sure that the product you want meets all the criteria. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong device. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, below you will see three excellent suggestions that meet all the criteria above.

BAFX Products Decibel Meter/Sound Level Battery

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The decibel meter from BAFX is one of the most popular products you find online, and it is for a good reason. It is a high-quality product that can measure the sound levels with an incredible accuracy. The margin of error is just 1.5 dB, and the device features a wind reduction effect for even more efficiency. The measurement range is 30-130dB, so you can use it in factories, theaters, offices, and you can also check audio systems.

The device works with a 9V battery, which is included in the package. Moreover, the meter has an auto turn-off features that will save battery. It will power off after approximately 11 minutes of use. The Max Hold Function will hold the highest reading until a higher value is picked up. The maximum lifespan of the battery is 30 hours.

Other features include a sampling rate of 2x per second, a backlit display, and a low battery indicator. This small device is highly efficient and measures in dBA frequency to account for the relative noise perceived by the human ear. Overall, for this price, the BAFX decibel meter is an excellent product that will come in handy in multiple situations. I think it is worth its money, which is why I think it would help you with whatever you may need.

RISEPRO Decibel Meter

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The decibel meter from RISEPRO is yet another product worthy of your attention. It is an inexpensive device, but that does not mean it will not deliver high-quality functionality. You can easily use it to check, monitor, and control the sound level in any environments. You can use it for personal purposes, but it is an excellent tool for work as well.

The RISEPRO device has a wide measurement range, from 40 dB to 130 dB, and the frequency range is from 31.5 to 4 kHz. The accuracy is excellent as well. The margin of error is only 1.5 dB. As for the response time, you do not have to wait long. The device will give you an accurate measurement in 125 ms, and it is typed A for frequency weighing.

The device has some additional features as well. It has data hold maximum and minimum recorded reading, as well as an auto power off function to save battery life. Overall, the battery should last about 50 hours. The package includes a black carrying pouch for safe storing and a premium color gift box. I am sure that if you choose this model, you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

Tacklife Sound Level Meter

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Last but definitely not least, the decibel meter from Tacklife is another product that I am sure you will appreciate. It provides a highly accurate measurement, with /+ 1.5 dB. The range is from 30 dB to 130 dB at a 31.5 – 8 kHz frequency. It will do the job you are buying it for.

The device works in two modes. You can select a fast or slow response, and the only thing that differs is the accuracy. The quick mode will provide a response in 125 ms, but if you are looking for a higher efficiency, you can select the slow mode, which will provide an even more accurate measurement in one second. Even so, one second cannot be considered slow, can it? The decibel meter will also allow you to record the minimum and maximum sound decibels. The hold function will spare you from taking a pen and paper to keep the record.

The Tacklife device has other features as well. The LCD display is backlit, and you can also use the LED flashlight on the back. So, if it’s dark outside, you can use the decibel meter to shed some light on your environment. Keep in mind, however, that the battery will die faster if you use the flashlight. But it is LED, so do not expect your battery do die right after. The compact design and the auto turn-off feature make this decibel reader one of the best on the market.

My recommendation

I find that all three products are worthy of their investment, but my number one recommendation is the Tacklife Sound Level Meter. All three products have pretty much the same features, but the Taklife device has something extra. The flashlight is a useful bonus, which is why I believe this to be one of the best decibel meters you can buy. Click here to buy on Amazon


A decibel meter can come in handy in various situations. Whether you are checking the audio system in a venue or use it to take precautions in a noisy work environment, you can always count on such a product. It does not matter which one you choose as long as you make an informed decision. The products above are highly appreciated on the market, which is why I highly recommend that you pick one. Neither one of them will let you down.

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